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The Christchurch Port Hills fires Feb 2017

It is with great relief that we can confirm the Valley of Peace has survived the fires which took hold of the Hoon Hay Valley earlier in the week. As it can be seen in the attached picture, sadly some of our closest neighbours were not so fortunate and our thoughts are with them during this stressful time.

Thanks to all of those who have been in touch regarding the ground this week, we consider ourselves very fortunate to still have our historic ground unaffected. The aerial photo below was taken at 5pm yesterday afternoon (Thurs 16th Feb). While there are still a number of dangers in the area we hope we are through the worst of it.

We are yet to know when we can access the ground again and will be in contact with those who are due to play in the next couple of weeks regarding this.

Scott Cartwright
President VOP

Bushfires behind Valley of Peace pavilion Feb 2017

Bushfire behind Valley of Peace pavilion Feb 2017

Plume of smoke above Valley of Peace, Feb 2017

Plume of smoke above Valley of Peace, Feb 2017

Bushfire above Valley of Peace Feb 2017

Bushfire above Valley of Peace Feb 2017

Aerial view, bushfires on Port Hills Christchurch Feb 2017

Aerial view, bushfire on Port Hills Christchurch Feb 2017

Family Christmas Picnic, 27 Nov’ 2016

A small but well formed crowd gathered for the 2016 Valley of Peace family picnic. The weather forecast probably kept a few away, but those who attended had a great time. Various kids activities took place including a treasure hunt, running race, egg & spoon race, 3-legged race, sack race and of course a lolly scramble. The lawn bowls was restricted to adults and was won fairly and squarely by team mates Lorraine Woodfield and Karen Smith. They demolished all opposition brave enough to contest them and no doubt their celebrations continued long into the night.

The Banks family was awarded this years prize for the most family members in attendance – including representatives from 3 generations.

sack race contestants

Athletes line up for the sack race

The Valley of Peace Stones

The famous Valley Stones can now be viewed on their own page (under the History tab). Each stone represents an important part of the history of the Club and is inscribed with some famous names from around the Valley over the years, with each stone representing a landmark at the Club. The pavilion, and indeed the whole Valley ground, echoes with the voices of these past and present players, alongside all the other cricketers who have played at this beautiful cricket ground for nearly a century.

Valley website upgrades

This week we’ve debuted some new information on our website which should answer a few questions. Under the Contact page we’ve added a “Members – Invited Players” page containing information about Club membership rules and the maintained Invited Players List. We now also have a Photo archives page which will store the older photo collections as time goes by. Under the Fixtures page we also have information pertaining to Match Hosting and Responsibilities, outlining responsibilities and duties required when hosting a match at the Valley home ground. Lastly we can now also list the Valley’s own merchandise range for members via the eCatalogue page under Links; any inquiries on items should be channeled through the two listed contacts. We’ve also added some really helpful external sites on our Links page. … more information to come …

Annual Club AGM Annual Report, 27 October 2015

The AGM was held on the 27th October 2015 with the Annual Report, dated ending 30 June 2015 being available. The annual report which was tabled at the meeting can be read online. For details of the AGM minutes etc please contact the Club Secretary.

VoP Annual Report 2015

The new deer fence around the pitch

There has been a necessity over this off-season to install a basic electric fence around the pitch owing to incursions from the wild deer further up the valley. Much damage has been done to the pitch recently, due to hooves and droppings, so this fence has been designed to keep the invaders from the pitch itself.  You can view all the electric fence photos here …

Valley's playing strip electric fence

Valley’s playing strip electric fence

Valley Of Peace Family Picnic Day, 2014

The annual Valley Picnic was held on Sunday 23rd November.

Yet again those families who gathered enjoyed the sight of numerous activities , running, / three legged/ and egg and spoon races. Plus the ever popular (and competitive !! ) outdoor bowls.

The unexpected appearance of our recent Dinner’s guest speaker ,John Wright,  was a bonus and he was  hugely  impressed with the whole experience that is The Valley of Peace. A ground that his father (Geoff ) and uncles spent many an hour . John had great delight to see his fathers name on the Honours Board.

As always The Valley is the perfect setting for a family picnic and members and visitors are all welcome

Put in in your diaries for next year. [ Go to the Galleries photos for today or view each photo here: ]

Valley Picnic Day, In Charge of Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls Experts

Valley Family Picnic Day, the Kerrison Family

The Kerrison Family

Valley Family Picnic Day, the Woodfield Family

The Woodfield Family

Valley Family Picnic Day, Two Wise Men

Two Wise Men

Valley Family Picnic Day, special guests

Special guests

Valley Family Picnic Day, the Smith Family

The Smith Family

Valley Picnic Day, Checking The Green

Checking The Green


Valley Picnic Day, Bowls Action 2

Bowls Action 2

Valley Picnic Day, Bowls Contestants

Bowls Contestants

Valley Picnic Day, Bowls Action

Bowls Action

New boundary fences at The Valley

Our boundary fences along the river and carpark have seen better days and we had started on a program of replacement. When Bob Masefield and his colleagues from the Peninsula heard of this they offered to take on the job . This they did in a marvellous fashion arriving with 15 men on a Friday afternoon with spades  hammers and heavy machinery. All the large regrowth from the big trees was removed together with the old fencing and in its place we know have an outstanding new fence

This was a great act of generosity by Bob and his team and  stands as a permanent reminder of our cricketing friendship. Our thanks also to Andrew Davidson for his assistance with the supply of materials.

The Club Dinner, 11th October 2014

It has been some time since we had gathered together for a social function and it was a pleasure to be able to do so recently at the Canterbury Club for a dinner . We were very fortunate to have John Wright as our guest speaker who delighted our 80 members and invited guests with his insight in to the game of cricket and more latterly his involvement with the IPL .

Our grateful thanks to Derek Banks for organising such a wonderful  evening and arranging for John to speak to us .A special thankyou also to Cameron Pickering for his assistance and liaising with the Canterbury Club.

[ Photos can be viewed in the Galleries pages ]

The new pitch covers have arrived

An important day, 14th October 2014, with the arrival of the much-vaunted pitch covers. Hopefully this will keep the ground in good condition during spells of inclement weather.

New pitch covers (1)

New pitch covers (1)

New pitch covers (2)

New pitch covers (2)

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