Hosting Cricket Matches at the Valley


This is an essential club task. Every fixture requires 2 or 3 willing and able hosts to help run the day by preparing food and serving drinks. All too often the role of hosting during the season falls upon the shoulders of only a few people, so the club is regularly calling upon members to help.

Most people are surprised at how easy it is to host. It’s a fun half or full day out socialising and of course helping the club out. All food is professionally prepared and delivered to the ground. The hosts are required to do final preparations including: buttering bread, combining salad ingredients, slicing tomatoes, slicing hard-boiled eggs, putting food onto the table for players to help themselves and cleaning up.

The Club now has clean mains water and a dishwasher has been installed. Some hand washing and drying of dishes will be required. Other tasks include: raising and lowering the flag, placing boundary flags, pouring drinks and tallying up of takings at the end of the day.

Culinary skills are appreciated but certainly not required.